The purpose of the Concrete Scholars Foundation (CSF) is to enrich and improve the quality of life within our communities and enhance educational, intellectual, moral, physical and social potential.

The CSF will provide funding to innovative individuals and programs that offer unique “in-depth” palpable growth to personal, vocational and educational experiences in our communities.

As we work to build a sustainable endowment, we pledge to enhance educational, intellectual, moral and social opportunities, provide imprisoned activists with platforms to positively contribute to the foundation and our communities, and assist in educating and developing artistic and God-given talents.

Most relevant is opening a continuous dialogue for encouraging physical and social potential, and nourish participants with restorative “need-based” scholarships for participants.

We can not get these solutions into the hands of the community without your help. Your commitment to seeing the Concrete Scholars Foundation supported, implemented, and ultimately transformed into a “Center of Excellence” is the pivot upon which the health and general welfare of our communities will turn. The continuation or ending of these social-ills rest with each of us.